1-week free trial? What's the catch?

No catch! We're confident you'll want to stay with us but you are not committed to do so. We ask you to complete your first payment (though you can pay in full if you wish). This is to secure your spot and also ensure that the class is filled with only students who are seriously considering participating in the course. If you decide the course is not for you in the first week, we'll return all of your money and we'll part as friends.

Other courses cost upwards of $2000. At your price there's no way your course is as good, right?

When you pay tuition for a course, where's that money going? Some of it goes to pay for the instructor. Some of it goes to pay for the printed materials you receive. But big companies have big overhead costs too. Multiple levels of managers and executives, high rent costs for the prep center that's in a convenient campus location, etc. For us, we're a small company. We run our classroom online, have few overhead costs, and lack the dense and expensive corporate structure of big companies. This way, we can offer you substantial savings. At the same time, we provide course content and materials equal in quality and a superior customer experience because we see ourselves as your coaches and we're invested in your success.

Format and Structure

How is the eCourse structured?

The course is segmented into preliminary sessions, curriculum sessions, and closing sessions. The preliminary sessions will cover things like general strategies for the MCAT, ways to think about exam and its expectations of you in terms of content knowledge and critical thinking. We'll also cover the Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills section - how to approach it and how to prepare for it.

The curriculum sessions are divided into 'Learn' and 'Apply' sessions. The 'Learn' sessions cover the curriculum content you'll need to know, and integrate practice questions and strategies so you'll see how to expect the material on the exam. The sessions are designed to cover review the material comprehensively, and more advanced students can work more quickly through these sessions. Each 'Learn' session is followed by an 'Apply' session in which we dive deeper into practice content and strategies. We explore more about how you'll see content framed on the exam and how to prepare for it.

The closing sessions recap the course, the strategies, and leave you with useful tips to prepare for exam day now that you've completed all of the materials.

The course is taught in sequence of subjects (Physics, General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Biology, Biochemistry, Psychology, and Sociology) such that we are constantly building on previous knowledge to maximize retention. Homework is provided for each curriculum section of the materials, and you'll have access to the official AAMC Practice MCAT Exams plus access to our M Prep Qbank for more practice.

What kind of students take the eCourse?

Our students are diverse. They include undergraduates at top-tier universities as well as working professionals who have been out of undergraduate studies for some time. Wherever you are in the stages of preparing for medical school, everybody gets different value out of the course and we are committed that you get your value out of the course. We're happy to have a conversation with you to make sure that you'll get value out of the course and meet your goals. Contact us for more information at [email protected].

What if I'm missing prerequisites?

This isn't an easy question for us to answer in an FAQ. It really depends on which prerequisites you are missing and how comfortable you are with the topics in the syllabus. Remember that there is a lot of content covered on the MCAT, but the MCAT is not a content exam; it's a critical thinking exam. No matter how comprehensive a course you take, you will always see content on the MCAT that you have never seen before. As a result, we focus the course strongly on test-taking strategy.

If you are unsure about whether you have the appropriate background to get full value from the course, please email us at [email protected]. We'll have a conversation with you to assess your background and figure out whether the course is right for you.

Will I have an opportunity to interact with instructors? What do you mean by 'direct access'?

We intend on delivering our promise of succcess. That means going the extra mile outside of class to make sure you are on track with the course. You'll have electronic access to your instructors via our course messaging system and by email. We're committed to responding to students within 48 hours, but we shoot for a response time of less than 24 hours. You're also welcome to call us when you have questions about your studying. We see ourselves as your coaches and we're here for you when you need us.

Please remember that we can't deliver our promises of success without reciprocal commitment from our students. For you to really get value out of this course, we will expect you to put in the time you need to make sure you are comfortable with the material we are covering in class, and that you give yourself sufficient practice to perform well on test day.

What do you mean when you say this is an online course? Is it a series of YouTube-like videos that I watch?

We designed the course to provide a rich, interactive environment for students to make the most of their MCAT test prep and get the most from our course. The recordings are in a webinar-style format, so there is a module with a video feed of the instructor as well as a slides module which is large and clear. The slides have animations, drawings, etc. and are sharp in a way that simple online videos aren't. There is also a table of contents that allows you to skip to the slides you want to see in the recordings, making it easy to find what you want.


When is the registration deadline?

There isn't one! The course starts when you're ready, so you're not bound to specific dates or schedules. You'll have access to all of the resources for a full year, so we encourage you to register sooner rather than later. The more runway you have to study, the better off you'll be for the exam.

Can I pay for the course in installments?

Absolutely. We understand that a lump sum may be difficult to pay up front, so we work with you to set up a plan that suits your needs. Send us an message here and we'll contact you to work something out.

Does the teaching style or questions take inspiration from the Question of the Day service?

No. Very little of what we do with the Question of the Day service makes it into the course. You can consider them two completely separate services. However, we have had the advantage of compiling large amounts of data on how people answer questions, giving us unprecedented information on pitfalls and quirks of the test-taking process. These lessons will be used to your advantage in how we teach test-taking strategies.

Do you offer print materials with the course?

We will provide you with PDF versions of the notes well in advance so you can print them and take notes. These notes are incomplete as provided, meaning to get full value from them, you will need to have written lecture material on them. If you have not attended lecture or listened to the recorded lecture, the notes will not double as a textbook. Complete lecture slides are available after the lecture has been delivered; these notes contain the full lecture materials.

What are the system requirements to view lectures on my computer?

We use the Cisco Webex interface to run our courses. The system requirements are low and the software is downloads and sets up automatically when you first join a lecture. The software is available on Windows, Mac, and Linux. More system requirements can be found here. Recording viewing is currently not available on Android or iOS devices.


Will this course help me if I have already taken a course with another company?

Absolutely. We believe our course format and style is superior to other providers, as well as the fact that we want to give you the best experience possible. Your instructor will be available outside class hours to work with you on areas where you need help.

What's the money back guarantee?

Our money back guarantee is consistent with most other providers. If you don't improve your score after having taken the MCAT and used our course, you'll get a full refund.

Which methods can I use to pay for the course?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, JCB, and Discover credit and debit cards through a secure payment processor. Some international cards won't work, in which case we can issue an invoice through PayPal which can be completed with a debit or credit card as well.

Please note that all registrations are considered incomplete until the deposit is paid. We are unable to reserve spots in the course for incomplete registrations.