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The way we're conditioned to approach the MCAT is broken.

The MCAT is difficult, exhausting, and one of the most important components of your application. It's not designed to test you on content knowledge; it assumes you know it and tests your ability to apply content into new contexts. It needs to be approached not just with memorized facts, but with critical thinking. The problem?

Most MCAT courses are designed to teach content knowledge, not complete testing strategies and critical thinking, leaving you unprepared for the core of the exam
Big test-prep companies hire hordes of teachers who may not have any teaching or MCAT experience, especially with the new MCAT
There are limited materials available for self-study, especially when it comes to practice content. Many students retake the MCAT and wish they had taken a prep course.

A high MCAT score can be taught.

Just like in a game of chess, having great strategies can help you succeed at the MCAT. It takes a lot of trial-and-error and practice to validate new strategies in the game. The best practice is always when you play with someone who has experience: a coach who is good at the game and knows how to help others get good at the game.

That's where the eCourse shines.

You don't need an MCAT course to teach you what you can learn in a textbook - the value of a course is in the training for how to think through the content and questions. Our curriculum is designed to distill the content you've learned into an MCAT-relevant context. Simply knowing formulas and facts is insufficient for the MCAT - you need to be prepared to apply your knowledge effectively.

Our instructors are phenomenal. They are all exceptional examinees and have coached hundreds of students with wide range of student backgrounds to success. They have an established track record: our students average in the 80th percentile on the MCAT.

Since we don't run a brick-and-mortar establishment, our overhead costs are low (e.g. we don't have to pay rent for prime campus real estate). All that translates into savings to you. We're committed that our program doesn't break the bank, and we let you spread out payments into a budget that works for you.

Get the score you deserve.

You've taken countless tests before. You know that performing at the top of your game requires an immense amount of preparation. The MCAT is no different. You've worked hard in your pre-med career and now it's time to dominate the MCAT. Let us help make sure you do.

Structure & Schedule

  • 60+ instructional hours in over 40 sessions
  • Expert instructors with 2000+ hours of MCAT Teaching
  • LIVE 5-Hour CARS High-Yield Workshop
  • 36 Hours of AAMC CARS Review Sessions
  • Access to 450+ Qbank Passages Sets
  • Access to 3,800+ Discrete Questions
  • Unlimited 15 Month Access to Course
eCourse Syllabus

Preliminary Sessions
• Welcome & Introduction
• MCAT Critical Thinking
• Data Interpretation
• MCAT Math Review
• Critical Analysis and
   Reasoning Skills Section

Curriculum Sessions
Physics Physics
General Chemistry General Chemistry
Organic Chemistry Organic Chemistry
Biochemistry Biochemistry
Biology Biology
Psychology Psychology
Sociology Sociology

Closing Sessions
• Strategy Review
• Between now and exam day


Our students' performance speaks louder than we do.

Our students average in the 80th percentile on the MCAT because we're relentlessly dedicated to student success. We've refined our strategies to be high-yield and relevant for performance on test day. When you do well, we do well, so we're ready to do what it takes to see you succeed.

Comparing overall MCAT performance (AAMC data) to M Prep eCourse student performance (2015-16 data). Exam scores shown on the x-axis; percent of students achieving score shown on the y-axis. Overall performance by all MCAT examinees averaged 500 with a standard deviation of 10. 80th percentile threshold was 509 and 90th percentile threshold was between 513 and 514. M Prep eCourse students averaged 509 with a standard deviation of 5.

Call our competitors.

Seriously. Give them a call. Talk to them and ask for some straight answers to important questions:

  1. Who will my instructor be if I take your course and what's their experience with the MCAT?
    Them: Sometimes they won't even know. They'll say things like "you'll have an experienced instructor," but what does that mean? Often, they hire their own former students who took the MCAT but have no teaching experience. Other times, they'll hire grad students who know the content, but have never taken the MCAT and don't know the exam strategies.
    Us: We don't play games with your MCAT prep. The people who built our course, who wrote the strategies, who know the exam - those are same people who teach you how to be successful on the MCAT. We've put in thousands of hours of MCAT development work and instruction and have helped hundreds of students be successful on the exam.
  2. Suppose I try your course and realize I don't like it. Will you give me a refund?
  3. Them: Big red flag! They'll say things like "sorry, we can't give you a refund but we can switch you into another course or give you a free repeat." How is that supposed to help you if you just don't like their course?
    Us: We don't play games with your money. Come check out our course - if you don't like it for any reason, we give you a full refund in the first week. That's more than enough time for us to prove ourselves. More than 95% of students choose to stay in the course.
  4. What's the difference between your course and just reading MCAT prep books?
    Them: Virtually nothing! Other companies produce their own prep books that are dry and don't focus on high-yield content or strategies. Then they hire masses of teachers many of whom simply read out of the textbook in lecture. Like a walking audio book.
    Us: Our course is strategy-based. Most of the strategies we discuss need to be seen and practiced together to be understood and assimilated into your MCAT skills. We don't regurgitate textbooks, we're experienced coaches who develop your skills to rock the MCAT.

What are people saying?

Here's what our students have to say about the M Prep eCourse.

I had an uncompetitive undergrad GPA, and graduated with a Master's in April 2015. I wanted to do amazingly well on the MCAT - simply to do my best, and also to prove that my GPA wasn't a true representation of my academic ability. After thoroughly researching the various prep companies, I settled on M Prep. I was very impressed with their detailed and prompt responses to my questions, and they allayed any doubts I had about the course. Another significant contributor was the price: they are nearly half the price of the other major companies! If anyone has doubts that they need one of the major companies to score well, I wrote the MCAT and scored a 515 (93rd percentile).

M Prep provides all the resources you need to effectively and efficiently study for the MCAT at nearly half the price of their competitors. This is an amazing offer! I sent over a hundred e-mails to the instructors with multiple questions, and they responded within two days with detailed answers. Plus, the course provides so many free standing and passage-based questions that I couldn't finish them all. Ultimately, M Prep provides everything you need to perform at the top. Your final performance depends on how much effort you put into your studies--nothing more, nothing less.

- J.B.
I am so happy to write with good news about my MCAT scores. I took the exam and learned this week that I got a composite score of 509, with section scores of 127, 126, 126, and 130 (listed in the order that the sections appear on the exam). My goal was to score in the 80th percentile, and I got just that. I was very satisfied with the eCourse and feel confident in saying that I would not have earned that score without those resources. I struggled to decide which course to take and was a bit hesitant taking a course that was not from a "brand name," but now that it is all said and done I am happy with my choice. The online option was necessary as it gave me the flexibility I needed with my schedule to study for the exam.
- M.L.
I started studying for the MCAT on my own for 5 months, but I felt discouraged when my highest practice score was a 501. I had read a review online for the M Prep eCourse, and I decided to sign up for the program. I found the course very helpful. I found the flexible schedule and focus on test taking strategies and practice problems immensely helpful. I just received my MCAT score, and I am happy to say I received a 515, and I believe my experience with the M Prep eCourse substantially helped me to achieve this score. Thank you for all of the help!
- A.C.
I fully believed that the MCAT would end my dream of ever becoming a doctor. I got a 496 on my 1st MCAT and a 500 on my 2nd. I had studied as hard as I possibly could for both tests and really didn't think that there was anything else I could have done. I lost hope. I came across a stellar review for M Prep online and thought I might as well try it. I have increased 11 points from my first score to a 507 and I very truly believe M prep deserves a great deal of credit.

I previously used Kaplan's in-class and their online course, as well as books like Princeton Review, Examkrackers and Berkley Review. But when I started using the M Prep eCourse, the program showed me how some of my previous study methods weren't the best ones for me. On test day, I walked out knowing that I had prepared the very best I could. And when I looked at my scores yesterday, I burst into tears from the overwhelming feeling that I didn't let the MCAT stop my dream.

- T.B.
I have always been dedicated to my schoolwork and the field of medicine. So, when I studied with a brand-name course and got a 497 on my first MCAT, I was devastated. I restudied and took another MCAT this past April, with only a 2 point improvement. I randomly heard about the eCourse after retaking my exam, and I was, to be honest, tired and desperate. I talked it over with my parents and decided to relax a little and take the M Prep course.

I LOVED the class and I loved the way concepts were approached. I retook the MCAT and I just got my scores back - I improved 5 points since my last exam, and 7 points since my Kaplan course. I went up in every individual section. I cannot thank you all enough for all the hard work you have put in. Thank you all for your help.

- H.P.

I was really hesitant about signing up for the eCourse, but after the info session decided to take a leap of faith. In the info session Alec seemed genuinely interested in helping his students succeed and the course seemed to cater to the student's needs (it's flexible and it's affordable). As someone who has just finished the eCourse, I can honestly say that this is NOT a facade. Alec and Michael are both down to earth instructors who genuinely care and want their students to do well. They are constantly asking for feedback during the course, making minor tweaks here and there to meet their student's needs. Even though it's online, it was very interactive. I am glad I took a leap of faith and signed up for the eCourse. It added structure to my study routine, and it was nice to feel supported. Definitely no regrets here.

- K.T.

I really enjoyed this class because we learned the same, if not more, than other courses. This class is for people who are motivated on their own, and don't need someone holding their hands to study. You need to study on your own outside of class, and review everything in the class. What really helped me was that I would read/understand the content topics before class, then come to the lecture, and it really strengthened/confirmed what I had just learned. It also introduced me to stuff I would need to know that I might not had gone over thoroughly before. Overall I would recommend this class to people who want a general review of the content but can also study well on their own.

- N.H.

I got the preliminary percentiles back today and scored in the 84th-94th percentile overall. Will email you my scores when I get them in 10 days. Thanks for all the help and I fully believe that his program helped me get where I wanted to be score-wise.

- J.F.

The recorded lectures were great! I relied on the them quite a bit because my schedule would often change. They are also definitely great for reviewing and studying; I could easily rewind to parts that I didn't understand fully.

- N.Z.

Loved the flexibility and affordability of the course for the price and what we got out of the course no other program out there could match it.

- S.B.

Initially, the lower prices attracted me. But once I learned more about the course, I was really set. I liked how personal it seemed, and I loved the on-demand structure, which let me get all the benefits and still work around my own schedule.

I was very happy I chose this course over others. The price can't be beat, and it was much more personal than a big company. The Anytime package let me work at my own pace and schedule and gave me the ability to spend more time on my weak areas and less on my strong areas.

- D.C.

Awesome instructors! They were genuinely interested in the student's well-being. They really connected with me as a student and that I think is something few will take time to do these days! Keep up the great work!

- A.B.

I think this course was really worth every penny! I really got a lot from it. The structure of the course was really well thought out and it flowed well from each subject. Also, the practice questions embedded in the lecture were very helpful. Best parts about this course: very helpful and caring instructors, affordable course, flexibility of scheduling the classes! I hope to keep in touch.

- A.J.

This course allowed me to be disciplined and guided with studying for the MCAT but also allowed for a substantial amount of flexibility which was really convenient. Plus, it was great to have so much interaction and feedback from the instructors who are so invested. I'd say the best thing about this course was that it really allowed me to be flexible in terms of the hours and location (France!). And, being able to listen to the recorded lecture in case I missed it was also a huge plus. You seem to care a lot about the people taking your course and it's obvious. Thanks so much!

- J.T.

The course was was really awesome... I enjoyed the way the course was structured; it gave me a good way to study during the summer. Knowing that the MCAT requires a lot of preparation, the instructors guided me with my strengths and weaknesses and helped me improve my ability to take the MCAT. With the recorded lectures, slides, etc. I will definitely use these resources in the future! Thanks!

- R.R.

They were extremely good teachers. I particularly enjoyed how they were engaged in asking questions outside of the practice problems because it really made me understand what the material was.

- T.A.

I really enjoyed taking this course. It was very convenient to attend the classes online and there were great teachers! They answered all my questions and explained concepts very clearly. What I liked best was that you pay way less than all the other MCAT courses out there and you still get great lectures and awesome practice. The online system was also very easy to use and I liked reviewing the online lectures whenever I wanted.

- J.C.

The instructors seemed to care about helping each student understand the concepts, along with understanding the different approaches that the AAMC takes to assess the test-taker. I don't think any other prep course could serve me with the same amount of rich resources and the great flexibility, especially for that cost! Thanks for everything!

- C.I.

Overall, I think this course was extremely helpful in determining what I needed to know for the MCAT. I'm really thankful that the instructors were very flexible with their times and class offerings. Also, I really enjoyed how they made sure you understood what the material was. I really enjoyed the verbal section, where the course was able to break down the types of questions and how to approach them. Now I know what is ahead of me and how to tackle the remaining weeks/months before the MCAT. Finally, it was at a very reasonable price compared to other MCAT courses which was really helpful for my budget. Thanks so much! I really enjoyed every minute of it.

- B.V.

The content is well-planned and practice problems are excellent... they truly provide an engaging and interactive experience.

- N.S.

Plans & Pricing

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Frequently asked questionsMore FAQ

1-week trial? What's the catch?

No catch! We're confident you'll want to stay with us for the 8 weeks but you are not committed to do so. If you're not satisfied in the first week, you'll receive a FULL refund.

When will the course be available?

The course is available now! You'll receive instant access after you complete your payment.

When will my course access expire? Should I wait to register until I'm closer to the MCAT date?

You'll have access to all of your materials for a year after you register. For the vast majority of students, you should register sooner rather than later so you can get started with preparation. One of the biggest challenges for students is not starting preparation early enough. You'll never get back the time you lose not preparing, so make sure you get started several months in advance!

Can I pay for the course in installments?

Yes! You can pay in three installments over the duration of the course. Send us a message and if that doesn't work and we'll figure it out!

How long does the course take to complete? When should I start?

The MCAT eCourse is designed to be completed in 10-12 weeks. You should plan to spend 4-10 additional weeks practicing and reviewing weak areas after completing the course materials. In general, we recommend students to start studying for the MCAT at least 4 months in advance of their test date. We also recommend spending 15-35 hours per week studying, depending on your comfort level with the MCAT content and your target score. If you have any questions about your study planning, please contact us!

Looking for more answers?

Visit a more detailed FAQ.

What is the LIVE 5-Hour CARS Workshop?

You'll be working in a small group setting with Nick Zehner, a 3rd year medical student at Stanford as he reviews the high-yield CARS strategies and foundational skills in a accelerated, 5-hour workshop. He'll review AAMC CARS passages applying the strategies so you can jump-start your CARS prep from day one of your study schedule.

What are the 36 Hours of AAMC CARS Review Sessions

Our 132 Scoring CARS Tutors review AAMC CARS passages every Tuesday and Thursday from 8p to 10p EST. Your eCourse includes 36 hours of these weekly review sessions. There is no better way to learn MCAT CARS logic than to learn how our 132 Scoring CARS tutors think.

What kinds of students take the eCourse?

Our students are diverse, ranging from undergraduates at top-tier universities to working professionals looking to pursue a career in medicine. Our students don't come to us because they fit a profile, but because they want the best training for the MCAT.

What if I'm missing prerequisites?

We teach all of the content you need to know for the exam, so it's possible to succeed without certain prerequisites. However, it will likely take extra studying outside of class to learn the material. If you are unsure about whether you have the appropriate background to get full value from the course, please contact us.

What's the M Prep Qbank?

The M Prep Qbank is our database of more than 450 practice MCAT passages and more than 3,800 discrete questions. It is consistently rated by students as one of the most impactful components of their MCAT practice content, and in our course, you'll get access to it for a full year. We also update it consistently with new content. Read more about the M Prep Qbank here.

More questions? We're here to help! Ask Us