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We are committed to you getting the most of out of your premed experience. M Prep was founded in 2008 as MCAT Question a Day. Back then, we were premeds too, and nobody offered free, useful services that encouraged students to practice for the MCAT every day. Our goal was simple: daily practice to keep the mind sharp.

We've grown since then. Today we offer a number of expanded services including...

A growing database of over 2000 free practice questions. More free practice than anywhere else on the web. Try our Question of the Day which has been fully updated for the new MCAT2015 exam.

M Prep+, create a free account to track your progress, identify and target weak areas

M Prep Portal, a blog giving students honest, up-front advice about the premed process

M Prep eCourse, an immersive online MCAT course - better than the big-box courses without the price tag

M Prep Med Schools Database, several years of admissions data aggregated into an easy-to-navigate, free tool

MCAT Retake Calculator, a free tool to check your relative changes of admission and the potential benefits of retaking the MCAT

M Prep Qbank, the largest available database of MCAT practice passages with over one thousand of the most realistic questions available

Free mobile apps for iOS and Android to access our content on-the-go

An engaging social media presence - follow us on Facebook and Twitter



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